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Articles by Portia Stewart

Ditch that itch: Put pets on the right path

Nov 1, 2012

Veterinary team members play a critical role in helping pet owners manage dermatologic conditions. Use this team training advice to guide you and your peers on the road to effective client education and follow-up care.

3 nutrition tips for diabetic pets

Nov 1, 2012

Make sure your veterinary clients offer the nutritional support their diabetic pets need—and lock in compliance with the veterinarian's recommendations.

Parasite talks: What's your role?

Oct 1, 2012

Consider this quick guide to what you should - and shouldn't - say to lock in parasite prevention compliance.

5 steps to prep for painful discussions

Sep 1, 2012

Pet owners don't want their animals to hurt. But when you tell veterinary clients their pets are suffering, your words might also cause pain. Here's how to lessen the hurt and help pets and clients feel better.

The veterinary team member's guide to dating and workplace relationships

Jun 1, 2012

Whether it's a budding workplace romance, best friend blues, or family drama, personal relationships can really wreck the peace in a veterinary practice. Practice management experts and team members who've been there will offer advice to keep personal relationships from interfering with professional life.

Team up for healthier pets

Apr 1, 2012

Every veterinary team member has a hand in safeguarding pets' health.

4 recommendations your veterinary clients ignore

Mar 1, 2012

When veterinary clients bury their heads in the sand, they miss important recommendations. Here's how to get their attention.

Can your veterinary clients hear you now?

Dec 1, 2011

In our high-tech world of e-mail, Facebook, and smartphones, it's getting harder every day to grab the attention of the people you work with—and people you serve. Consider these tips to make sure veterinary clients and co-workers hear your message every time.

Greet your veterinary team with thanks and praise

Nov 1, 2011

Give compliments to show your true appreciation.

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