Articles by Kyle Palmer, CVT - dvm360
Articles by Kyle Palmer, CVT

3 ways your equine practice can help hard-up horse owners

Jul 5, 2011

Here's how you can do right by clients who can't afford the fees.

5 ways your smartphone can work harder for your mobile veterinary practice

Jul 1, 2011

That device in your pocket does a lot more than make calls—it's a powerful client communication tool. Here's how to maximize the technology to make your interactions with equine clients more efficient.

Why equine practitioners need a ride-along partner

Jun 7, 2011

Hire a ride-along technician for better patient care, improved revenue -- and that extra set of hands every solo practitioner needs.

4 strategies to handle demanding equine clients

May 1, 2011

Keeping an ambulatory practice on schedule is a challenge, but at least you can use these strategies to handle clients who knock your day on its rear.

In defense of spay-neuter clinics

Feb 1, 2011

Low-cost spays and neuters fill a crucial need. Veterinarians: Don't begrudge your colleagues who help.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

A gutted building finds new life in Culver City, California



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