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Articles by Portia Stewart

Real clients reveal why they love their veterinary practices

Sep 1, 2009

Real clients share what keeps them going back to their practices.

Fast fix ups for less

Jun 8, 2009

Quick and thrifty ideas to take your practice from blah to beautiful.

Extreme makeover: Parasite edition for team members

May 1, 2009

Remodel your ho-hum parasite prevention program.

What's keeping you up at night?

Jul 1, 2008

Ever wake up in the middle of the night and worry about work? What's on your mind as you toss and turn, silently seething over the sleep you're missing and the problem that won't stop rolling around in your mind? We wanted to know. So in March, we asked. Here's what you said:

Are you prepared?

Jun 1, 2008

Here in the Midwest, it's been a stormy season. Some states have seen record numbers of twisters, and we've had to kennel our dog during thunderstorms so many times this year we've stopped counting. If you've ever lived in an area where tornadoes are common, you know the chill the tornado siren sends when it starts to moan.

Every breath you take

May 1, 2008

He's watching you. You can't concentrate, you're afraid to be alone with him, and the comments won't stop. Sexual harassment can be relentless, consuming your work and your life. It happened to these women—and it could happen to you. Here's what every woman (and man) should know about sexual harassment.

Scratch the itch

May 1, 2008

Sandy scratches. A lot. When her leg gets going, it makes a sound against the floor like a hammer driving a nail. My mother-in-law, Jane, first noticed Sandy's behavior a few months ago. When Jane took Sandy, a mid-sized 13-year-old mixed-breed pooch, to the veterinarian, he suggested a diet change to curb the scratching that makes her so uncomfortable.

A consistent message creates credibility with clients

Apr 22, 2008

Every member of your team contributes to the client's experience, says Dr. Ernest E. Ward Jr., a Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member and owner of Seaside Animal Care in Calabash, N.C. Dr. Ward spoke at Firstline Live at CVC East in Baltimore and gave tips to help team members create an experience that builds the value of the service practices offer.

A quick tip from Firstline Live: Offering a strong recommendation to clients

Apr 22, 2008

Use simple language and reinforce the benefits when you offer a recommendation, says Dr. Ernest E. Ward Jr., a Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member and owner of Seaside Animal Care in Calabash, N.C.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

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