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Articles by Rachael Whitcomb


Oct 22, 2008

"I think everyone needs an outlet, no matter what they do," says public health veterinarian Stanley 'Doc' Baker.

Oregon reviewing roles of CVTs, assistants

Oct 1, 2008

PORTLAND, ORE. — As many areas face shortages of veterinary assistants and technicians, more state boards are debating how far they can go to extend care.

Prop 2 debate divides DVMs

Oct 1, 2008

A debate has ensued over California's Prop 2, which would drastically alter animal agriculture.

World Rabies Day 2008

Sep 26, 2008

International Report -- World leaders team up this weekend to spread rabies education and vaccines.

Green clinics can save practices money and help the environment

Sep 8, 2008

National Report -- Gas and electric prices continue to rise for everyone - including businesses, and the state of the economy isn't exactly putting more money into clients' pockets to offset higher operating costs.

At-home euthanasia is a growing trend, but it can be abused

Sep 8, 2008

National Report -- Home euthanasia is a luxury more DVMs are offering their ailing patients.While it might not always seem convenient or cost-effective for veterinarians, offering at-home services like euthanasia might be necessary to keep owners from seeking alternative means to their pet's end.

Surviving in the rust belt

Sep 8, 2008

Cleveland, Ohio -- Two veterinarians practicing their trade 10 minutes apart from one another, on the same side of a city ranked lowest in growth by the U.S. Census Bureau are proving that there's a lot more than economics involved in making one's business a success.

Global warming or warning?

Sep 8, 2008

National Report -- The plight of polar bears losing their food supply and habitat because of melting ice caps has been making news for some time, but could climate change really be causing a kitten boom? Will disease vectors on the move because of changes in their habitat cause outbreaks in companion animals?

The job hop

Sep 1, 2008

Studies show new associate veterinarians switch jobs faster than average workers.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

A gutted building finds new life in Culver City, California



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