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Articles by Katherine Bontrager

Katherine Bontrager

Associate life: Welcome to the circus
February 1, 2009

See how these four associates walk the work tightrope while juggling personal lives and kids.

Becoming fluent in "horse owner"
December 1, 2008

Clear communication is crucial when dealing with equine owners.

Animal Hospital of Humble
June 1, 2008

This Texas hospital is anything but modest and can boast the client growth to prove it.

Setting the sail for success
November 1, 2005

As the captain of your practice, it's your job to set the course and take advantage of the wind, urging the ship toward your destination. But you can't maneuver this behemoth alone. You need a crew. When they're truly onboard, your team members will have one eye on the horizon and another peeled for potential problems, and they'll help keep the practice on course.

Conquering team conflict
June 1, 2005

Use these strategies to address discord before interpersonal issues undermine your business—and your passion for practice.

A cure for the common concern
February 1, 2005

As different as associates' experiences are, they generally enter practice with four concerns. Dr. Philip VanVranken, the managing partner at Dickman Road Veterinary Clinic, a seven-doctor practice in Battle Creek, Mich., offers his insight from 30 years of experience and provides some quick mentoring. Here are his answers to four common questions.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

A gutted building finds new life in Culver City, California



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