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Articles by Heather Kirkwood

Heather Kirkwood

Heather Kirkwood is a freelance writer in Overland Park, Kan.

Bring peace back to your practice
July 1, 2008

No more drama.

Don't debate--communicate!
July 1, 2008

Learn to take the sting out of verbal darts and head off conflicts with co-workers.

Diet--a four-letter word
May 1, 2007

When it's time to talk about a pet's weight with clients, be sensitive.

5 Fishy phrases that isolate clients
January 1, 2007

What you say--and what clients hear--may be worlds apart. When you're fishing for the right words to satisfy clients' questions, avoid these most misunderstood answers.

Weigh in on obesity
November 1, 2006

We might think pets have it easy. No calorie counting. No comparing their thighs with supermodels on television or perusing the latest issue of Vogue and wondering how the pouty face on the cover got so thin. Nope. For pets someone measures out their food daily and with just a meow or a faithful wag of the tail, they're adored no matter how rotund they become. What a life!

Spice up your CE
April 1, 2006

Take one team, add some training, and mix in a little fun. It's a recipe for success!

Make sure you're heard
February 1, 2006

No one likes to feel ignored. So if your great ideas are flowing in one of your boss's ears and streaming right out the other, use these solutions to get yourself heard.

Curing Front Desk Syndrome
December 1, 2005

Six prescriptions to keep receptionists from feeling isolated.

Don't let scheduling troubles weigh you down
October 1, 2005

Use these timesaving tips to stay on schedule and keep your entire team afloat when disruptions threaten to throw your day dangerously off course.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

A gutted building finds new life in Culver City, California



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