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Articles by Katherine Bontrager

Katherine Bontrager

5 ways to get lucky
March 10, 2010

Don't wait for luck to happen. Go make it with this sage advice.

Overcome 4 common client excuses
December 1, 2008

You've heard flimsy explanations for why pet owners can't comply. Climb above these "weak" reasons by getting down to the legitimate concerns.

Taming beastly bosses
October 1, 2008

Hiding behind your boss's lion's roar might be a timid kitten. Coax out your boss's softer side.

10 common bad boss behaviors
October 1, 2008

No matter the shape or size of your practice, odds are you share boss-related annoyances with other team members.

Brush up on dental care
November 1, 2006

You know the routine all too well: Mr. Smith visits with his rambunctious English springer spaniel, Burt, and all goes well until you mention Burt's oral health. Enter the blank stare. Or the anxious shifting from foot to foot. Or even the hasty, "Oh, he's fine!"

Risky business: 6 lawsuits waiting to happen
November 1, 2006

Think you're immune to lawsuits because you don't own the practice? Think again. Protect your hospital--and yourself--from the legal pitfalls in your path with this advice from savvy doctors and lawyers.

4 tips to bridge liability gaps
November 1, 2006

Sometimes you just can't anticipate all of the potholes in your path. But these four recommendations will guide you over the rocky road ahead and help you steer clear of dangerous legal ground.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

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