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Articles by Karyn Gavzer, MBA, CVPM

Karyn Gavzer, MBA, CVPM

Contributing Author

Ms. Gavzer, MBA, CVPM, is a veterinary business consultant and internationally known writer and speaker. She says her job is to help practices "go and grow" with training, marketing and new ideas. Gavzer has more than 15 years experience in the veterinary industry. She helped create public education campaigns to improve pet health care and encourage owners to take their pets to their veterinarians more often. Ms. Gavzer works with practices, associations and industry.

The new face of veterinary practice ownership: Five locations and counting
March 1, 2013

A veterinary practice owner who grew up in a family business learns by doing—and doing, and doing, and doing.

Practice survival: The new face of veterinary practice ownership
January 1, 2013

Women have been steadily climbing the veterinary profession's ladder for years, and now they're taking on a new challenge—practice ownership.

Practice Survival: 5 mistakes your veterinary office receptionist is making on the phone
September 1, 2012

Communicating effectively over the phone is just as important as in person. Here's how to make sure your veterinary team does it right.

5 case studies of prepaid wellness plans
January 1, 2012

If the cost of wellness care keeps pet owners away from veterinarians, then prepaid preventive plans may be the answer to bringing them back.

6 lessons learned about the decline of veterinary care
September 1, 2011

Use these lessons to help turn around your practice and make sure pets get the care they need

Pet hospice: Bridging the last stages of terminal illness and euthanasia
July 1, 2011

Pet hospice is an emerging concept in veterinary medicine.

Become cat confidential
January 1, 2011

In my November 2010 column, I talked about breed-specific wellness plans as an example of a new, better and different healthcare service to offer dogs.

Breed-specific wellness care
November 1, 2010

Breed-specific wellness care could be a powerful addition to your practice curricula.

What social media can do for you
September 1, 2010

A case study of how to promote your veterinary practice online by supporting a worthwhile cause.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

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