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Articles by Leah A. Cohn, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Leah A. Cohn, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

What you should know about... Cytauxzoonosis
June 1, 2012

A new treatment regimen shows promise in managing cats with this serious, often fatal infection.

Inhalant therapy: Finding its place in small-animal practice
July 1, 2009

The use of inhaled respiratory medications in dogs and cats is becoming more common.

Medical therapies for canine pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism
June 1, 2004

Hyperadrenocortocism is a common endocrinopathy in geriatric dogs.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

A gutted building finds new life in Culver City, California



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