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Articles by Jennifer Graham

Jennifer Graham

Phone skills: How to attract cat owners when they call your practice
May 1, 2014

Consider these common cat owner conundrums and learn how to offer help on the phone--and ultimately lock in a veterinary visit to promote the pet's health.

Cat crisis phone checklist: How veterinary receptionists can help
May 1, 2014

When cat owners call your veterinary practice, follow these tips to welcome them to your cat-friendly environment.

Sample veterinary team newsletter
February 1, 2014

Consider this sample veterinary team newsletter, then create your own to boost team spirit.

5 steps to build your veterinary career
February 1, 2014

Take the next step to make your veterinary job a career with these tips.

Bossy boss or demanding veterinary job?
July 9, 2013

Sometimes it's not the boss that's a challenge, it's the job. Consider these differences between a bossy boss and a demanding job in a small or larger practice.

Keeping up appearances in your veterinary practice
January 1, 2013

With my loss fresh in my mind, keeping composure at work has been harder than I expected.

Coping with grief at your veterinary practice
January 1, 2013

The final chapter of my pet's life was much harder than I expected. Here's how I'm adjusting to life after loss.

Ease the strain of chronic illness for veterinary clients
June 1, 2012

The path for clients with chronically ill pets can be difficult and paved with pitfalls. Here's how to ease clients' way down this long and winding road.

Receptionists: Stop playing doctor and start hooking new clients
May 1, 2011

That first phone call is the most important point of contact your practice will have with a client. But receptionists who overstep their boundaries or demonstrate poor phone skills do more harm than good. Here's how to respectfully get pet owners off the phone and into your clinic.

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Hospital Design

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