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Articles by Valarie V. Tynes, DVM, DACVB

Valarie V. Tynes, DVM, DACVB

Dr. Tynes owns Premier Veterinary Behavior Consulting in Sweetwater, Texas.

Client handout: How to habituate your cat to a carrier
May 1, 2014

Use this step-by-step guide to educate cat owners about how to help their cats adjust to a cat carrier for trips to the veterinarian.

Image Quiz: Can you clue in on canine anxiety?
March 21, 2011

Image Quiz: Can you clue in on canine anxiety?

Clue in on canine anxiety cues
February 1, 2011

Canine body language isn't necessarily easy to read.

Debunking a dangerous behavior myth: Not all fearful pets have been abused
May 1, 2010

This thinking inappropriately lays the blame for fearful behavior on others.

4 life-threatening behavior myths: References
May 1, 2010

Reference list for the article "4 life-threatening behavior myths."

4 life-threatening behavior myths
May 1, 2010

Have some of your clients—or even you—voiced any of these misconceptions? Now you'll know how to respond in order to protect pets and bond clients to your practice.

When to refer patients to animal-behavior specialists
May 1, 2010

Great resources are available for those particularly challenging behavior cases.

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Hospital Design

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