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Articles by Oriana D. Scislowicz, BS, LVT

Oriana D. Scislowicz, BS, LVT

Breed positivity in your veterinary practice
March 1, 2014

Use these 10 tips from pets to breed positive attitudes and eliminate negativity in your veterinary team.

Factor yourself into your veterinary work life balance equation
December 1, 2013

If your work and home life aren't adding up to a happy, healthy you, it's time to subtract the negative elements and calculate functions for a positive life.

Open the door to senior care at your veterinary clinic
March 1, 2013

Those soft, white muzzles and wise eyes beg for your attention and compassion. Use these easy adaptations to offer a gentle veterinary experience to aging pets.

Dig deep to help pets with cancer at your veterinary practice
February 1, 2013

Use these seven tips to offer support for pet owners when they face the pressure of a beloved pet's cancer diagnosis.

Attack veterinary clients' anesthesia fears
October 1, 2012

When clients hesitate to have their pet put under, be primed to pounce on their misconceptions, bat down myths about anesthesia, and strike back with facts and recommendations customized to their pet's condition.

Tame the abusive veterinary client
May 1, 2012

Learn how to soothe ruffled tempers and help clients sheathe their claws.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

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