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Articles by Mark Hafen, AIA

Mark Hafen, AIA

New veterinary project? 18 things you should never do
June 5, 2013

I usually don't do spays or neuters on my own pets, so you shouldn't consider designing your own hospital. Here are more veterinary design don'ts.

Hanging With Hafen: Inspiration to do it all better
May 1, 2013

Come along for the ride with me as I take things out of context, distort the facts and manipulate the verbiage to make your new veterinary hospital as successful as possible.

Hanging with Hafen: 10 features to push for in your hospital
April 3, 2013

In order to push the envelope in veterinary hospital design, sometimes you have to be a little high maintenance.

Hanging with Hafen: Shaping up your veterinary hospital's design
March 6, 2013

Learn the pros and cons to boxy vs. L-shaped designs, and discover the best shape for your veterinary hospital.

Hanging with Hafen: Find a veterinary hospital that's just right
February 6, 2013

Many veterinary hospitals will be too big or too small. Keep trying until you find the perfect fit.

Hanging with Hafen: 4 veterinary design lessons for 2013
January 1, 2013

Sometimes clarity hits you when you're not at work. Mark Hafen, AIA, came back from vacation with realizations that will help him design even better hospitals in the new year.

Hanging with Hafen: Empowering women and Generation Y associates to own
December 4, 2012

A look at the next generation of veterinary practice owners.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

A gutted building finds new life in Culver City, California



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