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Articles by Don Waldron, DVM, DACVS

Don Waldron, DVM, DACVS

Chief Medical Officer
Western Veterinary Conference
Las Vegas

Canine gastrostomy tube placement
July 16, 2014

Dr. Don Waldron demonstrates this procedure, which is indicated in veterinary patients that may be anorectic postoperatively or are otherwise anorectic.

Incisional gastropexy in dogs
July 9, 2014

Dr. Don Waldron demonstrates his method of choice for this definitive treatment for dogs with GDV.

How to perform a scrotal urethrostomy and stop the stone cycle
March 1, 2014

Male dogs suffering from recurrent urethral blockage due to urinary calculi may benefit from this procedure that permanently diverts urine flow.

Video: Canine mandibular and sublingual salivary gland excision
February 28, 2014

See how Dr. Don Waldron performs this procedure indicated for treating salivary mucoceles and, rarely, salivary gland neoplasia.

Video: Canine scrotal urethrostomy
March 20, 2013

Dr. Don Waldron demonstrates canine scrotal urethrostomy, with castration and scrotal ablation.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

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