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Articles by Peter D. Constable, BVSc (Hon), MS, PhD, DACVIM, DACVN (Hon)

Peter D. Constable, BVSc (Hon), MS, PhD, DACVIM, DACVN (Hon)

Diagnosing and treating downer cattle (Proceedings)
August 1, 2011

A downer cow is "a cow unable to stand voluntarily". Many are periparturient and due to traumatic peripheral nerve injuries.

Resuscitation of calves after dystocia (Proceedings)
August 1, 2011

Perinatal mortality (still births and deaths within the first 24 hours of life) should be 1-3% as a goal.

Controversies in treating coliform mastitis (Proceedings)
August 1, 2011

Coliform mastitis is a common and serious disease of housed dairy cattle. Causative bacteria are derived from the family Enterobacteriaceae and are lactose-fermenting, gram negative bacteria.

Left displaced abomasum: surgical and medical advances (Proceedings)
August 1, 2011

Left displaced abomasum (LDA) is a common gastrointestinal disorder of lactating dairy cattle. Left displaced abomasum, right displaced abomasum (RDA), and abomasal volvulus (AV) are common abdominal diseases of lactating dairy cows characterized by varying degrees of abomasal distension and displacement.

Critical care for sick cattle—practical IV therapy (Proceedings)
August 1, 2011

Dehydration and electrolyte abnormalities occur commonly in cattle with gastrointestinal tract disease. Severe fluid and electrolyte abnormalities can result in death if left untreated.

Surgical management of the right-sided ping (Proceedings)
August 1, 2011

A large focal right sided ping (>3" diameter) is due to an abnormality of the abomasum or large intestine. Rarely, post-parturient cattle with metritis may have a vague right sided ping in the right caudo-dorsal abdomen due to gas in the uterus.

Management of calves with umbilical disease and arthritis (Proceedings)
August 1, 2011

Omphalophlebitis and arthritis are common diseases in calves from 0 to 90 days of age, being the 4th and 5th most common diagnoses in calves; omphalophlebitis, 0.06 cases per calf year of risk; arthritis, 0.024 cases per calf year of risk. The three most common calf hood diseases are diarrhea, respiratory disease, and ringworm.

Ketotic cows: treatment and prognosis (Proceedings)
August 1, 2011

An absolute requirement for treating ketosis in cattle is to identify and treat the primary cause for the negative energy balance. Symptomatic treatment for ketosis without attacking the primary cause is doomed to failure.

Milk fever: new approaches to treatment and control (Proceedings)
August 1, 2011

Periparturient hypocalcemia (milk fever) is a common condition of dairy cows with an annual incidence of 5 to 8%. Effective treatment and control programs for milk fever are therefore required for dairy cattle.

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