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2009 Authors F-L
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Fan, Timothy M.
Just Ask the Expert: Dr. Timothy M. Fan; May, p 226.

Flory, Andrea B.
Practical Matters: Use caution when performing fine-needle aspiration biopsy of ventral neck masses in dogs; November, p 509.

Garrett, Laura D.
Finding and treating oral melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and fibrosarcoma in dogs; June, pp 292-305.

Gaunt, M. Casey
Canine blastomycosis: A review and update on diagnosis and treatment; May, pp 248-258.

Gauthier, Meredith
Identifying and treating anal sac adenocarcinoma in dogs; February, pp 74-81.

Goldstein, Michael R.
A challenging case: Primary hyperparathyroidism in a dog; August, pp 377-382.

Goodson, Teresa L.
A challenging case: Severe hypercalcemia in a puppy with hypoadrenocorticism; March, pp 126-129.

Harari, Joseph
Research Updates:
Examining the risk factors for anesthetic-related deaths; January, p 16.
Using a scrotal mesh graft to repair degloving injuries; January, p 17.
Spinal fractures and luxations: Most common causes, most common outcomes; January, p 17.
Is hypotonic water effective as an adjuvant therapy for canine mast cell tumors? January, p 18.
Delineating histologic prognostic factors for feline osteosarcoma; January, p 18.
Factors relating to dog bite injuries: Identifying pointers for prevention; August, p 372.
Exercise-induced collapse in Labrador retrievers: A comparison with unaffected dogs; August, p 374.
Outlining the characteristics of gallbladder disease in dogs; August, p 375.
Transurethral lithotripsy in dogs: A minimally invasive option for urolith removal? August, pp 375-376.
Dexamethasone complications in disk disease treatment; August, p 376.

Hart, Benjamin L.
Video: Two tips for acclimating kittens to a new home; March, p 113.

Video: How to help kittens and cats adjust to car rides; July, p 319.

Haug, Lore I.
Video: Managing destructive chewing in cats; June, p 273.

Hess, Michal O.
Clinical Exposures: Hemophilia A in a Maltese dog; November, pp 504-505.

Hyman, Jennifer A.
Video: Consider all tear film layers when treating KCS; January, p 9.

Jurek, Christine
Underwater treadmill therapy in veterinary practice: Benefits and considerations; April, pp 182-190.

Kazacos, Kevin R.
Just Ask the Expert: Dr. Kevin R. Kazacos; March (suppl.), p 6.

Kennedy, Melissa A.
Video: The steps in diagnosing feline infectious peritonitis; August, p 363.

An update on feline infectious peritonitis; August, pp 384-392.

Lineberger, Jayce
Video: How to apply a soft padded bandage to the hindlimb; September, p 405.

Little, Susan E.
ClinQuiz: Fast tick facts; March (suppl.), pp 10-16.

ClinQuiz: Increase your zoonotic parasite prowess; September, pp 414-418.

Long, Amy
Clinical Exposures: Uterine rupture in an 18-month-old toy poodle; June, pp 276-282.

Long, C. Tyler
Clinical Exposures: Uterine rupture in an 18-month-old toy poodle; June, pp 276-282.

Love, Lydia
Local and regional anesthesia techniques, Part 1: Overview and five simple techniques; January, pp 24-40; Correction, March, p 116.

Local and regional anesthesia techniques, Part 2: Stifle, intercostal, intrapleural, and forelimb techniques; March, pp 130-138.

Local and regional anesthesia techniques, Part 3: Blocking maxillary and mandibular nerves; June, pp 288-291. Clarification, August, p 366.

Local and regional anesthesia techniques, Part 4: Epidural anesthesia and analgesia; October, pp 460-466.

Luong, Richard
Clinical Exposures: Uterine rupture in an 18-month-old toy poodle; June, pp 276-282.


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