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Outdoor cat controversy: What do you think?


In the November 2011 Veterinary Medicine cover article Treat or euthanize? Helping owners make critical decisions regarding pets with behavior problems, we broached the subject of what to do when faced with a pet that has such a severe behavior problem that euthanasia is a consideration.

In a companion article, Advising clients on treating or euthanizing pets with behavior problems, 12 of our Practitioner Advisory Board members weighed in on what they do in this delicate situation. PAB member Dr. Gary Norsworthy said that making such a cat an outdoor-only pet is an option some practitioners recommend, though one he does not advocate.

That suggestion sparked a debate! Several readers e-mailed their thoughts:

Questioning the great outdoors

An invisible solution for cats with extreme behavior problems

Should cats be allowed outdoors?

Lional's story


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