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Backup method for urine collection


When collecting a urine sample from a cat by cystocentesis, we place the animal in lateral recumbency in a "cat stretch" position for bladder palpation on a wet table. We place a clean, dry, stainless steel bowl under the grate of the wet table and position it under the cat's hips. So if the cat is scared or voids from the pressure of the bladder palpation beforehand, at least we've caught our sample in a clean bowl. Sometimes, a voided sample is better than no sample. Also, when collecting blood and urine from the same feline patient, we collect the urine in this fashion first because the cat may urinate during restraint for venipuncture. Collecting urine first with this backup, free-catch method and obtaining the blood sample afterward works well for us.

Mary Weeks, RVT, practice manager
Keller, Texas


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