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Collect samples and take patient history while clients wait


Our practice has two exam rooms and one doctor, so there's only so much we can do to keep client wait time at a minimum and keep the exam room traffic flow running smoothly. To help this, we collect patient samples before the pet enters an exam room. While the patient is waiting in the lobby, a technician comes out and informs the client that we're going to take Rocky to the treatment area and collect the samples we need. Once we have all the samples, Rocky goes back to the lobby and waits with his owner. We then start any tests that may be required (fecal, cytology, and so on). And if there's time, a technician also gets the patient's history from the client. When an exam room opens up, the doctor goes directly into the physical exam already knowing the patient's history and test results. This keeps our practice humming along.

Jeff Miller, technician
Jacksonville Beach, Fla.


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