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Idea Exchange: Bathing large dogs with less mess


I own a 90-lb atopic dog that needs routine bathing, so I know what a chore it is for clients to bathe their large dogs with atopic dermatitis twice a week. One thing that helps me is bathing my dog outside—I no longer spend three hours cleaning the bathroom after my dog gets out of the tub nor do I get a sore back from leaning into the tub. If you have clients in this situation, recommend they set up their own outdoor bathing system. Have a plumber install a hot and cold water faucet in the garage. Then hook up a hose reel (available at stores such as Target and Home Depot) to the hot and cold spigots with a washing machine hose Y-connector (available at local hardware stores) and a long hose. And voila! The hose can be reeled into the driveway to provide water for bathing the dog. You can even bathe the dog outside on cool days. If no one can help hold the dog, install a ring on an outside wall to tie the dog's leash to.

Dr. Elizabeth Noyes
Williamsville, N.Y.


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