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Pediatric castration in a cat

Position the patient in dorsal recumbency with the rear legs pulled forward. Clip the hair from the scrotum and the perineal area, and perform a surgical scrub.

Grasp the first testicle between your thumb and index finger, and make an incision through the scrotal skin and testicular fascia exteriorizing the testicle.

Apply gentle traction to the testicle, and strip fat and fascia from the spermatic cord.

To perform a hemostat tie, place the tip of the hemostat under the cord.

Rotate the tip around the cord. Open the jaws of the hemostat as the distal (testicle) end of the cord is advanced around and into the hemostat jaws and clamped.

Transect the cord between the clamp and the testicle with a scalpel blade or scissors.

Push the knot off the tip of the hemostat and tighten the knot to ensure its security.

The same procedure is repeated for the second testicle, and the incisions are left open to heal by second intention.


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