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An Interview with... Dr. Carl A. Osborne


What do you consider the greatest threat to the profession? When others try to convince us to think of our worth as veterinarians primarily in terms of the size of our financial bottom line, we must be on guard to not lose sight of our role as advocates for patients. Our conscience, guided by the golden rule, should prevent us from taking unfair financial advantage of those who trust our integrity when they turn to us for help. We should be on guard to maintain our ethical balance so as not to tip the scales toward caring more about our profits than about our patients.

Which animal health needs are currently unmet? The unmet needs of countless numbers of abandoned animals in pounds and shelters. Although many members of the veterinary profession have generously contributed their time and resources to improve the welfare of abandoned animals, it is obvious that more help is required. To this end, more will be accomplished if each of us adopts the perspective of "I must do something" rather than "Something must be done."

What changes in veterinary medicine do you hope will occur in the next 100 years? I hope that changes in technology resulting in improvements in the quality and quantity of life will be shared with all patients, including those whose owners have limited resources.

What is your sci-fi prediction for veterinary medicine? As a result of advances in nutrition, pharmacology, and gene therapy, invasive surgery to remove urinary stones will be eliminated and, thus, become an item of historic interest.


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