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An Interview with Dr. Timothy M. Fan


What do you consider the greatest threat to the profession?

Academia is no longer considered an ivory tower; thus, the recruitment and retention of a talented faculty who will be responsible for shaping the next generation of veterinarians are in jeopardy. It is imperative for teaching institutions to establish a nurturing and rewarding environment to which future academicians will be attracted.

Which animal health needs are currently unmet?

Advances in disease prevention, diagnosis, and therapy cannot be fully realized if financial coverage of companion animals remains largely the burden of pet owners. Comprehensive medical coverage needs to be required for pets, so treatment is dictated by responsiveness to therapy, not by finances.

What makes a good veterinarian?

A good veterinarian is like a ball of wax—he or she can be shaped to the different circumstances and needs of the patient and pet owner. Like the four Cs of diamond shopping, a good veterinarian should have a nice blend of clinical competence, compassion, communication, and cooperation.


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