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Assist owners in selecting the best pets for their lifestyles
A good pet-owner match reduces the risk of relinquishment.


Dr. Golab suggests setting up an information booth at local festivals or anywhere else people gather. Ask these potential owners the same preadoption questions you ask your clients plus a few more ("Have you had a pet before?") since you do not have any background information. Although these booths are volunteer situations, she says that once the word gets out that you offer this service, people are likely to make appointments for further discussion and to recommend you to friends who are thinking about adopting a pet.

Dr. Golab also suggests volunteering at local shelters. "Shelters have lots of charity events. It makes sense to have a veterinarian there, helping people decide what pets or breeds would be best for them." In addition, she'd like veterinarians to train shelter workers in preadoption counseling so that good matches are made when veterinarians are not on site.


Adopting a pet should be a lifelong commitment. But often people adopt without realizing how big of a commitment they are making or they select a pet based on the wrong criteria—then they relinquish the pet because it doesn't fit their lifestyles. By taking the time to discuss pet selection with potential owners and helping them make a good pet match, you'll reduce the risk of relinquishment.


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