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A challenging case: Primary hyperparathyroidism in a dog
Ultrasonographic examinations helped identify the source of this dog's persistent hypercalcemia.



Primary hyperparathyroidism develops infrequently in dogs, but it should remain a primary differential diagnosis in patients with persistent hypercalcemia. Although clinical signs are often vague and nonspecific, careful interpretation of total and ionized calcium, PTH, and PTHrP concentrations can help in diagnosing primary hyperparathyroidism. Cervical ultrasonography is an important diagnostic aid.

Postoperative calcium concentrations should be monitored, and oral calcium and vitamin D are often required to prevent hypocalcemia. The prognosis for dogs with parathyroid adenomas appears to be good.


The author would like to thank Julie Yager, BVSc, PhD, and Susan Best, DVM, DVSc, for their excellent help with the histologic evaluation.

Michael R. Goldstein, DVM
Forest Hill Animal Clinic
1049 Eglinton Ave. W
Toronto, ON M6C 2C9


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