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Are guinea pigs at risk because of hit movie?

July 28, 2009

Animal rights groups are apprehensive about the possible upsurge in guinea pig purchases inspired by the action heroes in "G-Force."

Serotonin's role in mitral valve disease

July 27, 2009

A new study has found that in dogs and people with naturally occurring mitral valve disease, diseased cells within the heart are producing serotonin, contributing to valve degeneration.

An afghan from an Afghan?

July 24, 2009

A new Web site lets you send your pet's shed fur by mail and get back yarn or even a final knitted product.

Que lastima

July 23, 2009

Gidget, the face of Taco Bell's "Yo quiero Taco Bell" commercials, has died of a stroke at age 15.

What is behavior?

July 22, 2009

It seems a simple question with a simple answer. But it turns out biologists, in particular behavioral biologists, don't agree.

A restriction on antimicrobial use in livestock to come?

July 21, 2009

A new bill in the U.S. House of Representatives seeks to ban the use of antimicrobials for growth promotion or feed efficiency and to let veterinarians take more control over antibiotic use in farm animals.

The significance of a bark

July 20, 2009

A new study has found that an internal conflict is at the base of barking that occurs not only in dogs, but birds, deer, monkeys, and more.

America's pets got talent

July 17, 2009

Vote for your favorite of these 12 well-trained dogs and cats, which are part of the Washington Post's Best Pet Tricks contest.

New opportunities for techs

July 16, 2009

NAVTA has announced that veterinary technicians can now specialize in neurology, zoological medicine, and equine medicine.


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