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Mind Over Miller: Pharmacy philosophy

July 1, 2014

Dr. Miller reflects on the way prescription writing used to be.

Mind Over Miller: The importance of exceptional veterinary interns

June 1, 2014

Dr. Miller expresses the value of the interview in finding caring candidates.

Mind Over Miller: The electronic effect

May 1, 2014

Dr. Miller explains his skepticism of today's technology.

Mind Over Miller: A cartoonist's conflict

April 1, 2014

Dr. Miller remembers one criticism he didn't expect to receive for his cartoons.

Mind Over Miller: A column from paradise

March 1, 2014

Learn how Dr. Miller discovered all the natural wonders the islands of Hawaii have to offer.

Mind Over Miller: Mountain man

February 1, 2014

Read as Dr. Miller explains how his love affair with the mountains has grown over the years.

Mind Over Miller: Why honesty is the best policy for your veterinary practice

January 1, 2014

Read Dr. Miller's response to the recent not-so-positive media coverage of veterinary practice.

Mind Over Miller: Discovery of a natural fertilizer

December 1, 2013

Dr. Robert Miller discusses how some old oak trees in his town, particularly one in front of his veterinary hospital, seem to grow at a faster rate than others.

Mind Over Miller: All creatures feathered and finned

November 1, 2013

Dr. Robert Miller recalls his experience working with a variety of animals in veterinary practice.


Hospital Design
Hospital Design

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