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Research Update: The utility of ultrasonography to detect brachial plexus tumors in dogs

May 1, 2006

In this retrospective study from a university teaching hospital, five dogs with progressive, unilateral forelimb lameness and neurologic deficits having undergone ultrasonographic evaluation of the brachial plexus region were described.

Research Update: Is surgery best for massive hepatocellular carcinoma in dogs?

May 1, 2006

In this retrospective study from a veterinary teaching hospital, the medical records of 48 dogs treated for massive hepatocellular carcinoma were reviewed to determine clinical features and prognostic factors.

Research Update: Surgically treating cruciate ligament rupture in cats

May 1, 2006

In this retrospective study from a veterinary clinic in Regina, Saskatchewan, 17 cases of feline cranial cruciate ligament injury treated between 1997 and 2004 are described.

Research Update: The efficacy of ameroid ring constrictors for treating portosystemic shunts

September 1, 2005

In this retrospective study from two university teaching hospitals, the medical records of 168 dogs with a single portosystemic shunt treated with an ameroid ring constrictor were reviewed to evaluate morbidity and mortality.

Research Update: How effective is surgical excision of feline cutaneous hemangiosarcomas?

September 1, 2005

In this retrospective study from the Animal Medical Center in New York City, the medical records of 18 cats with feline cutaneous hemangiosarcoma were reviewed, and the cats' clinical features and responses to surgery were described.

Research Update: Repairing fractures by using biodegradable bone plates

September 1, 2005

In this prospective clinical trial from Finland, 11 toy breeds with radial fractures were treated with single or stacked biodegradable polylactide plates, metal screws (AO 1.5- to 2-mm diameter mini screws), and lightweight external coaptation.

Research Update: Pneumogastrography: An alternative for diagnosing gastric diseases

September 1, 2005

Pneumogastrography (negative contrast gastrography) involves placing air through orogastric intubation or carbonated beverages orally into the stomachs of awake or sedated dogs.

Research Update: Evaluating two analgesic options for dogs undergoing orthopedic surgery

September 1, 2005

In this double-blind, prospective, and randomized clinical trial from France, 60 dogs undergoing orthopedic surgery were treated with either preoperative meloxicam (0.2 mg/kg intravenously) or intraoperative ketoprofen (2 mg/kg intravenously) and assessed for pain for up to 24 hours after surgery.

Research Update: Identifying biochemical markers in abdominal effusions

January 1, 2005

In this prospective clinical study from a university teaching hospital, 15 dogs with abdominal effusion were evaluated in an attempt to identify biochemical markers of malignancy in the abdominal fluid.


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