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Articles by Kenneth L. Marcella, DVM

A unification theory

Researchers speculate horses may be more inclined to develop resistance to insulin that can lead to adult-onset diabetes
Mar 1, 2003

Seven of your clients' horses are being fed the same grain diet, being pastured on the same grass field and being exercised the same way. Yet only one of them experiences an episode of laminitis. Why?

Transfer factor: Long-awaited next step in immunotherapy

Feb 1, 2003

Immunotherapy was predicted to be one of the most rapidly expanding areas of medical science in this decade.

Spray, water additive strong allies in 'germ warfare'

Dec 1, 2002

Keeping stock tanks clean remains one important step in prevention

New techniques make amputation more viable for some patients

Oct 1, 2002

W e have all been there. A client calls to say that she has just found her horse standing in the field unwilling to move.

Probiotics can be helpful nutritional adjunct

More research needed, but issue has come to nutrition forefront
Aug 1, 2002

It is not uncommon for residents of the country of Georgia, in the former Soviet Union, to live well more than 100 years.

Raising orphan foal worthwhile challenge

Jun 1, 2002

Have a plan, create options for owners to help orphans become healthy, well-adjusted adult horses

Digital cameras extend DVMs' diagnostic vision

May 1, 2002

What is the most important piece of equipment in your truck or clinic?

Saddle fit

Ten-step process can end client confusion, provide horse with important competitive edge; growing area for veterinarians' expertise
Apr 1, 2002

Want to start an argument in a room full of horsemen and women? Just start talking about saddles and saddle fit.

Hydrops rare, but know signs

Mar 1, 2002

Veterinarians can often go an entire career without seeing some types of cases.


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