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Articles by Robert M. Miller, DVM

Mind Over Miller: Observations of a veterinarian's wife

Feb 1, 2007

I wonder if the loss of camaraderie and fellowship in the profession is due to the diminishing role of the auxiliary.

Mind Over Miller: Stuck in the 1950s—we are not!

Jan 1, 2007

Not long ago, I received a promotional piece in the mail that touted the benefits of natural healing and alternative medicine for dogs.

Mind Over Miller: There's more to life—and private practice—than money

Dec 1, 2006

I always assumed that the success of my practice was due to diligence, integrity, and dedication to service.

Mind Over Miller: Kicked? Bitten? Scratched? What a great job!

Nov 1, 2006

When I moved to the Conejo Valley in California's Ventura County in 1957, the valley had never had a resident veterinary practitioner. Back then, the human population was small, limiting the number of available small-animal patients. However, there were thousands of beef cattle and horses in the area and, intriguingly, an abundance of exotic animals.

An unintentional Halloween trick

Oct 1, 2006

Dr. Robert M. Miller recounts one memorable Halloween and a sudden emergency visit.

Mind Over Miller: An abbreviated discussion about abbreviations

Sep 1, 2006

Back when everything was handwritten, we used only a few abbreviations.

Mind Over Miller: A furry solution to global overpopulation

Aug 1, 2006

Now that we are well into the 21st century, forecasts uttered decades ago seem to have become reality. The world population explodes toward seven billion. And most people live in huge cities, thanks to modern technology.

Mind Over Miller: Will the real Dr. Miller please stand up?

Jul 1, 2006

In Thousand Oaks, Calif., my hometown, there is another Robert Miller, a retired engineer, and I feel sorry for him. He gets calls from all over the country intended for me.

Mind Over Miller: Jobs Americans won't do?

Jun 1, 2006

In the May issue, I briefly told my mother's life story and related that my grandparents were immigrants. There is more to this story.


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