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Articles by Daniel R. Verdon

Bug wars

Warmer climates, northern migration signal robust parasite populations
May 1, 2007

National Report — Parasites are on the move. Warmer winters, exploding wildlife populations and reforestation are all fueling the trend.

Counting casualties

VIN survey shows one-third death loss in suspected cases
May 1, 2007

Davis, Calif. — "It's like a wet finger in the wind," says Dr. Paul Pion, of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), in assessing the health impact of the massive recall affecting about 1 percent of all pet foods.


May 1, 2007

National Report — Governments have fallen, diseases conquered and new technologies have changed the face of medicine.

The genetic puzzle

Horse sequencing collaboration adds species to growing list; cited as a 'milestone for veterinary medicine'
Mar 1, 2007

Costing some $15 million, researchers put the final piece of a scientific puzzle on the horse genome sequence that totalled 2.7 billion DNA base pairs.

Campaign leaders want heartworm prevention to become infectious

Feb 1, 2007

Orlando — With only 4 percent of cats estimated to be on heartworm medicine, a new campaign from the American Heartworm Society (AHS) aims to change what officials are calling an abysmal prevention rate.

A letter worth writing

Feb 1, 2007

Sometimes the fewest words last the longest.

Herriott's Legacy

Veterinarian and author James Wight describes how his father's example led him down a similar path
Feb 1, 2007

James Herriot's books sold some 70 million copies worldwide. Yet, veterinarian, author and son James Wight never lived in the shadow of that legacy.

Perdue greets second term

Dec 1, 2006

Atlanta — With arms raised, Gov. Sonny Perdue made history, again.

AAEP guidelines take shot at controlling infectious outbreaks

Dec 1, 2006

Lexington, Ky.— In combating an infectious disease outbreak, communication is key.


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