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Articles by Ed Kane, PhD

Vitamin E is essential equine nutrient

May 1, 2004

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient for horses beneficial in combating the multitude of effects of free radical production that can damage membranes and components of cells.

Dietary antioxidants are important for pets

They are major defense system against minimizing damage from free radical scourge and oxidative stress
Feb 1, 2004

Oxygen gives pets life but may behave aggressively to try to shorten it.

Early foal losses in mares

Stress, nutrition, season, climate, sire, rectal palpation effects, ultrasound, iatrogenic factors all extrinsic factors
Feb 1, 2004

The extrinsic factors in mare reproduction are those that can be manipulated.

Early foal losses in mares

Endocrine system failure, embryo, uterine environment may be biggest causes of reproductive inefficiency in the mare
Dec 1, 2003

A mare is bred. She conceives. A foal is planned for. Tragically in a substantial number of cases, within 40 days the embryo has succumbed to death.


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