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Chaddock makes abrupt exit from AVMA post

Association begins search for new Governmental Relations Division director
Apr 1, 2006

Washington — Dr. Michael Chaddock, head of AVMA's Washington bureau, resigned following a dispute with Executive Vice President Dr. Bruce Little over what Chaddock claims were "irregular hiring practices" for an assistant director position. AVMA disputes Chaddock's account.

AAVMC study to forecast veterinary medicine's future

Long-range project promises to surpass Pew Report in strategic significance
Apr 1, 2006

Washington — Year 2025: Technicians rank as spay and neuter experts, veterinary education and licenses restrict via species, and agricultural practice exists as a mere memory.

AVMA clarifies report's context on lethal injection

Capital punishment opponents use euthanasia guidelines to argue against pancuronium bromide
Mar 1, 2006

Schaumburg, Ill.  The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) wants capital punishment opponents to stop quoting its euthanasia guidelines to contest lethal injection.

Dean exits admid budget woes, Oregon program downgraded

COE demotes veterinary college's accreditation in response to leadership change
Mar 1, 2006

Corvallis, Ore. ? The American Veterinary Medical Association's Council on Education (COE) plans this month to demote Oregon State University's (OSU) accreditation status for the second time in six years. The move was in response to officials hiring a researcher and geochemist as the veterinary college's interim dean.

Plant-based vaccine system OK'd by USDA

World's first registration for plant-based preventative technology meets anticipation, skepticism
Mar 1, 2006

Indianapolis  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently approved Dow AgroSciences' technology to generate vaccines from plants, marking the first such regulatory sanction in the world.

AVMA vies to foster bond with welfare, breed groups

Opponents question tactics of new alliances with HSUS, AKC
Mar 1, 2006

Washington  In a town where political isolation begets a legislative death sentence, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports some once-unusual alliances now bolster the profession's Washington agenda.

CVMA plans to testify against RVT proposal

Licensure expansion for RVTs scheduled for public hearing next month
Mar 1, 2006

Sacramento, calif. ? An April 28 hearing on licensure expansion for registered veterinary technicians (RVT) might prove the California Veterinary Medical Association's (CVMA) best and final chance to thwart the measure.

Bylaws cleanup sweeps leadership meeting

Feb 1, 2006

Chicago — If framers of a revision to the American Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) governing documents have their way, future presidential races, should they be tied, could come down to a "game of chance."

Study wrestles with food animal DVM shortage

Stakeholders await trend data for food supply veterinarians; full report slated for release this spring, officials say
Feb 1, 2006

Minneapolis — In the coming months, researchers plan to unveil national statistics designed to map supply and demand of DVMs within the food animal sector.


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