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Articles by Jennifer Fiala

Ariz. Ballot campaign strikes at sow housing

Activists seek to dismantle sow stalls in the state; veterinary profession, producers hold steadfast
Feb 1, 2006

Tempe, Ariz. — An activist-backed ballot proposition to eliminate sow gestation stalls in Arizona stands to produce the nation's second state to ban the controversial housing system.

Tips to preventing malpractice pitfalls

Feb 1, 2006

Pleasant Hill, Calif. — Increasingly vulnerable to lawsuits and state board complaints, veterinarians remain on the lookout for liability concerns in their practices, and graduates should be aware of the dangers of not working in a legally sound environment.

Expert crafts system to calculate lifetime costs of animals

Feb 1, 2006

YARDLEY, PA. — As the profession's watchdogs suggest lawsuits seeking emotional distress damages against veterinarians are on the rise, one lawyer/DVM expert has created the means for calculating and increasing pet worth apart from non-economic relief.

Idaho drops state veterinarian legislation

Ousted state veterinarian speaks out as incoming DVM takes on job as Idaho's top animal health expert
Feb 1, 2006

Boise, Idaho — The Idaho State Department of Agriculture plans to shelve legislation that critics say would have demoted the state veterinarian's status in an attempt to cement the position.

AVMF clims out of financial decline

Disaster focus pays off in donations, leaders say
Feb 1, 2006

Chicago — American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) officials report the nation's concern for animal health since last year's hurricanes led to an influx of donations into the once-struggling charity.

Union prevails in landmark decision

Feb 1, 2006

Philadelphia —Valley Central Emergency Veterinary Hospital plans to fight a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruling that favors the unionization of its staff and orders the practice to pay employees thousands in back pay and interest.

USDA unveils plans for animal ID repository

Veterinarians should integrate animal identification into health programs for producers, federal official says
Feb 1, 2006

Washington — Federal regulatory agents, at presstime, announced plans to network the national animal identification system (NAIS), linking private and state-operated animal tracking databases.

AVMA to establish broad welfare principles

Executive Board expedites advisory committee to advance 'big picture' on welfare; push to establish welfare specialty revealed
Feb 1, 2006

Schaumburg, ILL. — More than a year after the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) founded its welfare division, group leaders put the brakes on hiring a director in favor of first crafting broad positions on the well-being of animals.

Foie gras stand falters at Executive Board level

Leaders shelve welfare committee's attempt to garner a position against the forced feeding of ducks and geese
Jan 1, 2006

Schaumburg, Ill. — Illinois, Massachusetts and Chicago City Hall debate it, but the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) appears it will not, for now, address the practice of foie gras production.


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