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Articles by Joseph Harari, MS, DVM, DACVS

Research Updates: Spinal fractures and luxations: Most common causes, most common outcomes

Jan 1, 2009

The results of this study provide support for various treatment strategies based on clinical presentation, owner finances, and the clinician's competency.

Practical Matters: Use comparison radiographs when identifying orthopedic lesions in young dogs

Nov 1, 2008

A useful protocol for practitioners who review their own films or send them to a specialist is to routinely obtain orthogonal views of the affected and normal bones.

Research Update: Comparing temperature measurement devices in dogs

Feb 1, 2008

In this prospective study, eight research dogs were used to compare temperature assessments made with a predictive rectal thermometer (the early rate of temperature change mathematically predicts the final temperature), an infrared auricular thermometer, and a subcutaneous temperature-sensing microchip.

Research Update: Effect of the moon on emergency room visits

Feb 1, 2008

In this retrospective case series from a university veterinary medical center, the frequency of canine and feline emergency visits were noted with respect to the lunar cycle.

Research Update: The prevalence of and risk factors for canine appendicular osteosarcoma

Feb 1, 2008

In this retrospective study of dogs treated at a veterinary teaching hospital, the prevalence of appendicular osteosarcoma in greyhounds compared with other breeds was examined, along with the potential risk factors for developing the disease.

Research Update: Using thermography to evaluate limbs in dogs

Feb 1, 2008

In this prospective study from a referral practice, the limbs of 10 healthy dogs were evaluated by using a thermographic imaging protocol to determine normal cutaneous thermographic patterns (a color map that indicates the skin temperature distribution) and evaluate the effect of hair clipping.

Research Update: How well does abdominal ultrasonographic evaluation guide surgeons?

Feb 1, 2008

In this retrospective study of 100 cases from a veterinary college, preoperative abdominal ultrasonography and exploratory laparotomy findings were reviewed to determine agreement and discrepancy rates and identify lesions likely to be missed by ultrasonography.

Research Update: Laser vs. scalpel onychectomy in cats

Jun 1, 2007

In this prospective study at a university veterinary hospital, 20 healthy adult cats (6 to 24 months of age) were divided into two groups and underwent left forelimb unilateral scalpel or CO2 laser onychectomy.

Research Update: Recovery from disk surgery without intraoperative methylprednisolone sodium succinate

Jun 1, 2007

In this prospective clinical study from a private practice referral hospital, the recoveries of 51 nonambulatory dogs with thoracolumbar intervertebral disk disease treated with hemilaminectomy and without methylprednisolone sodium succinate were evaluated.


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