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Articles by Margaret Rampey

Editors' Note: Helping the helpless

Sep 1, 2005

Four days ago, just as we were preparing to go to press with this issue, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast. Floodwaters have wreaked unimaginable devastation and sorrow. Our hearts break for the victims of this disaster.

Editors' Note: The other half of the equation

May 1, 2005

As you know, medicine is only half the equation in your workday life. To practice good medicine, you must also practice good management--and both require a team effort.

Editors' Note: Expert advice

Apr 1, 2005

Did you know a prosthesis has been developed that can take the place of a cortical bone allograft in some dogs with appendicular osteosarcoma? Or that dogs with osteosarcoma can also be helped through bone transport osteogenesis—a technique in which healthy bone is slowly moved into the site of a defect to form regenerate bone there?

Editors' Note: Words of wisdom

Mar 1, 2005

Is there a leader you'd like us to interview? Perhaps an admired teacher, mentor, or colleague?

Editors' Note: 100 years and counting

Jan 1, 2005

Isn't it funny that as Veterinary Medicine ages, it seems to get younger? This Dorian Gray-like magic comes from a long line of editors who stuck by Veterinary Medicine's core mission to provide practical clinical advice to enhance patients'—and clients'—lives. The journal's commitment to providing useful, reliable medical content has endured for a century—and grown even stronger.

Editors' Note: Veterinary Medicine sightings

Dec 1, 2004

Practitioner Advisory Board member Dr. Gary Norsworthy recently sent us this photo of his hospital cat Buster. Dr. Norsworthy explained that Buster was exhausted after a hard day of entering data into the computer, answering phone calls, and reading important journal articles.

Editors' Note: Keep reading

Oct 1, 2004

That's Dr. Richard Bartels in the blue scrub top. Along with 26 other veterinarians, he attended one of the joint stabilization wet labs at this year's Central Veterinary Conference in Kansas City, Mo.

Editors' Note: Picking up where your schooling may have left off

Sep 1, 2004

When you were in veterinary school, how many hours did you devote to studying dentistry?


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