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Nutritional compliance: It takes diligence, experts say

Approach obesity as a diagnosis and talk to clients about real solutions to combat the epidemic
Jun 1, 2004

Our society is losing the war on obesity. And bad eating habits have spilled into the pet population. No matter how hard you preach, many clients don't seem to heed the warnings. In fact, client compliance with nutritional recommendations for therapeutic foods ranks at a dismal 12 percent compliance rate out of the the 59 percent of all dogs and cats that have visited a veterinarian and would benefit from treatment with a therapeutic diet, according to last year's American Animal Hospital Association's (AAHA) study. It was the worst compliance category. The survey estimates lost revenue in excess of $110,000 per veterinarian per year for therapeutic pet foods alone.

EPA cracks down on counterfeit flea, tick products

Apr 1, 2004

Washington-The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a stop-sale, use and removal orders to retailers and other distributors of counterfeit pesticide products for fleas and ticks.

FDA counters study minimizing risk of antimicrobial resistance transference

Panel says banning antibiotics in food animals would harm human, animal health
Mar 1, 2004

Washington, D.C. -A peer-reviewed article raising concern that the banning of antibiotics in food animals may harm both human and animal health, is drawing criticism from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Welfare audits can help improvecattle efficiency, expert says

Mar 1, 2004

Orlando-Animal welfare audits created for producers will help clients politically and economically.

Government may pay student loans for underserved areas

Feb 4, 2004

Washington-The government might start paying off veterinary student loans to entice new graduates to work in underserved areas.

USDA ruling may call DVMs to action in BSE surveillance

Feb 1, 2004

Washington-In the wake of the country's first case of mad cow disease, the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) ruling to ban all non-ambulatory, disabled livestock from being slaughtered may mean that the government will rely on veterinarians and producers to get access to test animals at highest risk for mad cow disease.

Soaring health insurance costs sting practitioners

Feb 1, 2004

As healthcare spending in the United States rises at more than five times the rate of inflation, veterinarians swallow another year of double-digit hikes in premiums while searching for ways to ease insurance costs for their families and employees.

Media blitz likened to 'pressure cooker'

Feb 1, 2004

Dr. Bill Wavrin was thrust into the media spotlight in ways he probably never expected. On Dec. 23, the news broke internationally that a 4.5-year-old Holstein tested positive for the first case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in the United States.

Bush clears FDA user fees for veterinary market

Jan 1, 2004

User fees to hasten drug approvals for the veterinary market just became a reality.


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