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Articles by Daniel R. Verdon

Groups resistant to FDA guidelines; consumer groups want more controls

Nov 1, 2002

Rockville, Md.-The Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) plan to curb antibiotic resistance through greater controls on veterinary drugs is being met with some opposition from industry groups.

UC-Davis mounts investigation of rare calicivirus

Oct 1, 2002

Los Angeles-A virulent, hemorrhagic strain of calicivirus ran through several practices in the L.A.-area like a brushfire and disappeared almost as quickly.

DEA issues alert on bogus ketamine recall

Oct 1, 2002

Washington-A fake letter to recall ketamine spurred a scam alert to veterinarians by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Feral cats: Problems extend to wildlife species, ecologists say

Sep 1, 2002

Nashville-About 70 million cats are estimated as feral or free-roaming in the United States, and it is putting pressure on wildlife species and resources to solve the problem.

DVM's research results in first patent for canine elbow replacement at ISU

Aug 1, 2002

Ames, Iowa-Iowa State University (ISU) lays claim to a first for veterinary medicine.

Healthcare bill of rights stalled in Congress

Aug 1, 2002

Huge liability repercussions loom for small businesses; issue will resurface

$1.2 million NIH grant devoted to study leishmaniasis

Jul 1, 2002

Research focused on understanding lack of immune response; protozoan considered a world threat

Heartworm survey: No change in 10 years

'Every now-and-then profession needs wake-up call; this is a good one'
Jul 1, 2002

Atlanta-Widespread use of heartworm preventive has not changed rates for infection of the disease in the last 10 years, according to a Gallup survey to 18,000 veterinary clinics nationwide.

Communications protocol can help cement the human-animal bond

Jun 1, 2002

Fort Collins, Colo.-Treating a client's emotion is just as important as treating the patient.


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