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Articles by Daniel R. Verdon

New bacterium causing tick-borne ehrlichiosis found

Aug 5, 2011

A new tick-borne bacterium causing ehrlichiosis has been discovered in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Veterinary groups form broad coalition to jumpstart visits to veterinarians

Jul 18, 2011

The number of veterinary visits is falling, and a new partnership of veterinary associations and animal-health companies aims to reverse the trend.

Veterinarians need to reinforce profession's value in an ailing economy, says AVMA pres. elect

Jul 17, 2011

St. Louis -- Veterinarians are facing a defining time, says Dr. Rene Carlson, the incoming president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

AVMA: Debate erupts over accreditation of foreign veterinary schools

Jul 16, 2011

St. Louis -- AVMA delegates are calling for a new task force to evaluate the role of the association's Council on Education (COE) in accrediting foreign veterinary schools.

Fighting wildfires: the veterinary response

Jul 4, 2011

Los Alamos -- Veterinarians and New Mexico state authorities scrambled to evacuate hundreds of pets and livestock during a forced evacuation of Los Alamos, N.M.

Virbac's compassionate care survey probes end-of-life care practices

Jul 1, 2011

Dallas — Almost half of veterinarians surveyed are having end-of-life discussions with pet owners more than 11 times per month.

Injuries take toll on area DVMs following Joplin tornado

Jul 1, 2011

Joplin, Mo. — Dr. William Sorrick, co-owner of a three-doctor practice in Webb City, Mo., took a client call asking to help retrieve four animals from Joplin. It was 9:15 p.m. as he and his son Jordan made their way into the devastated city. Recounting the story brought Sorrick to tears.

Surviving Joplin's tornado

Jun 15, 2011

As his vehicle was lifted off the ground rotating, Dr. Jim Christman watched his stepdaughter's house leave its foundation and shatter.

Analysis: First-of-its-kind study by Banfield reveals companion-animal health trends

Banfield study reveals spike in canine, feline diabetes, otitis externa
Jun 1, 2011

Portland, Ore. — A first-of-its kind study of 2.1 million dogs and 450,000 cats by Banfield Pet Hospital show increases in diabetes dental disease, flea infestations and other common and preventable health problems.


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