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Articles by Alice M. Jeromin, RPh, DVM, DACVD

When steroids quit workingfor eosinophilic granuloma complex in cats

Aug 1, 2003

Q. I have a cat with a rodent ulcer that used to respond to steroid injections. Is there anything new for this?

Understanding harmful effects of sun exposure to the skin

Jun 1, 2003

In my last article, I discussed skin diseases that result from not enough sun exposure, i.e. seasonal flank alopecia or light responsive alopecia. With the coming of summer, it is timely to offer attention to skin diseases that are exacerbated by sunlight.

Common mistakes can often cause problems in diagnosing dermatology cases

Conducting thorough history and diagnostics help eliminate errors
Apr 1, 2003

At one time or another, we have all made the same mistakes when working up a dermatology case. To help us all save time and get the most information with the least amount of work, I thought I would address what in my referral practice appear to be the most commonly made mistakes when working up a dermatology patient.

Seasonal affective disorder can be culprit for canine hair loss

Apr 1, 2003

Coming off of a long, dark winter as we are in the Midwest, we're confronted with a unique disease seen in certain breeds of dogs. Light responsive alopecia or seasonal flank alopecia is most often seen at this time of the year.

'Why does my dog have dry skin?'

Feb 1, 2003

"Why does my dog have dry skin? Didn't I wash off all the shampoo? Am I bathing him too much? Does he need a conditioner?" We have all been asked these questions many times. With the winter months upon us for those in the colder areas of the country, the low humidity often causes humans to have "dry skin". This may be true for our canine patients as well, however dry skin in dogs may be the result of several underlying diseases (Photo 1).

Scabies can take on many 'faces'

Sep 1, 2002

Canine scabies is often missed (reportedly 70 percent of the time) and should always be considered.

Clues the skin yields to internal disease

Sep 1, 2002

Dr. Alice Jeromin identifies skin conditions that can serve as early warning signs of internal disease. Using these clues practitioners can help prolong the lives of their patients.

Don't be fooled by look-alike skin diseases

Jul 1, 2002

All of us, at one time or another, were probably guilty of treating one of our sarcoptic mange patients as an allergic patient. It is the perfect example of a patient with the same clinical appearance and symptoms of two diseases: atopy vs. sarcoptic mange.

Last in a Two-Part Series: Uncovering the pruritic dog takes more than scratching the surface

Apr 1, 2002

As mentioned in the first article (Feb. 2002) of this series, the presentation of the pruritic dog can be frustrating for the veterinarian because of the number of possible differential diagnoses.


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