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Articles by Kevin Fitzgerald, PhD, DVM, DABVP

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald: The season for giving

Dec 22, 2008

Do not be a Scrooge this season. Give back to your community.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald: You can do better

Dec 15, 2008

Dr. Fitzgerald invites you to take a good look at yourself.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald: Our professional organizations need us

Dec 8, 2008

A discussion on the role of veterinary organizations.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald: Giving thanks

Dec 1, 2008

Dr. Fitzgerald reminds us that veterinarians have a lot to be thankful for.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald: Time to speak up

Nov 24, 2008

For too long, we have been too quiet regarding what exotic animals are sold as pets in this country.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald: We are teachers

Nov 10, 2008

Dr. Fitzgerald reminds us that lifelong learning is important for everyone in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald: The dash

Nov 3, 2008

In his blog, Dr. Fitzgerald reminds us to live our lives -- the dash -- with unbridled joy.

Practice Makes Perfect: A tale of two blogs

Nov 1, 2008

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald's thoughts on clinical practice are featured in his weekly blog, Practice Makes Perfect, found at We've selected these two blogs to give you a taste of what is available online.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald: Supercharge young minds

Oct 20, 2008

We come into contact with young people every day. Take the time to nurture their minds.


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