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Articles by Christina Macejko

Veterinarians aren't wallowing in recession

Aug 30, 2009

Eighty percent of small-animal veterinary clinics are continuing to grow, despite the economic climate.

Budget Forecast: Gloomy with some bright spots

Aug 21, 2009

Seattle -- AVMA treasurer projects $2.8 million loss this year, $90,000 profit in 2010.

Canine influenza: Virus established in about 30 states

Aug 13, 2009

Read a Q&A about canine influenza with Dr. Cynda Crawford.

House bill would ban some antibiotics for food animals

While FDA pushes forward, AVMA forms task force to examine issue
Aug 1, 2009

A new federal bill seeks to ban some uses of antibiotics for food-animals because they are considered too important for human health.

Is cosmetic surgery unethical?

Aug 1, 2009

AVMA's failed ear cropping resolution reignites the cosmetic surgery ethics debate.

Bill introduced to ease veterinarian shortage in public health, rural areas

Aug 1, 2009

Washington — Legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives would create a new Division of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health at the federal level and invest monies to help solve work-force shortages in government and food-animal markets.

No dues increase for AVMA members next year

Jul 11, 2009

Seattle -- AVMA member dues will not increase in 2010 despite a downturn in association revenue due to the recession.

AVMA's hard line too hard?

Call for softer stance on cosmetic surgery among resolutions facing convention delegates
Jul 1, 2009

Seattle — The Utah Veterinary Medical Association wants the AVMA to lay off the "hard-line slant" it took when the policy on ear cropping and tail docking was changed late last year.

Study examines communication style of DVMs

Dialogue, open-ended questions help engage clients in care, treatment
Jul 1, 2009

Fort Collins, Colo. — During problem appointments, veterinarians tend to hid behind their stethoscopes, which may lead to inferior patient care, according to a new study.


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