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Articles by Rachael Whitcomb

Rural veterinary shortage caused by retention issues, not attraction

Apr 16, 2010

Two studies focus on motivations for entering and leaving rural practice. changes business policies

Apr 7, 2010

The online review site makes announcement after veterinarian's class-action.

Ohio livestock care board standards set

Apr 7, 2010

Columbus, Ohio -- Two veterinarians were named to the new 13-member livestock care board approved by Ohio voters in November 2009 and clearly defined by state legislators just last week.

A new attitude: study examines changing personality types among incoming veterinary students

Study examines changing personality types among incoming veterinary students
Apr 1, 2010

It's not just years that are defining generational differences -- personalities actually are shifting.

Contraceptive implant targets feral dog population

New use of sterilization device puts dent in Canadian reserve's feral population
Apr 1, 2010

Bragg Creek, Alberta — A pilot study using deslorelin contraceptive implants in 15 semi-feral dogs is showing promise as a way to control feral dog populations.

Western U. earns full accreditation

Apr 1, 2010

Pomona, Calif. — Western University's College of Veterinary Medicine — the nation's newest veterinarys chool — moved form limited to full accreditation.

NAVMEC national meetings kick off in Las Vegas

Board identifies questions that must be answered to develop plan for future
Apr 1, 2010

Las Vegas — Little was answered, but many questions were raised at the first of three national meetings on the future of veterinary education.

Federal agencies investigate veterinarian fraud case within USDA

Apr 1, 2010

Athens, Ga. — Finding the perfect first job upon becoming a DVM can be a challenging feat, but for Tim Holt, getting several prominent positions as a veterinarian was not a problem — and he never graduated from veterinary school.

Cat health linked to social status, health of owners

Poorer neighborhoods see higher number of premature human and cat deaths
Apr 1, 2010

A new study links premature human and animal deaths in poor neighborhoods.


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