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Articles by Jennifer Fiala

California cracks down on lay dentistry

Attorney general links canine injuries, death to unlicensed dental care; state seeks to clarify practice act
Feb 1, 2004

Oakland, Calif.- State veterinary leaders await a judge's ruling as to whether a Santa Cruz teeth cleaning operation and its understudy illegally practiced veterinary medicine when the student used a scraper during a dog's teeth cleaning and allegedly asphyxiated the animal while restraining it.

Students create business certification program

Feb 1, 2004

Faced with doubtful administrators, University of Pennsylvania students raise $70,000 to kick off management program

GHLIT tweaks programs, reacts to losing DVMs

Sticker shock sends veterinarians hunting for cheaper health insurance premiums; national program counters with options
Feb 1, 2004

As the Group Health and Life Insurance Trust (GHLIT) reports flat growth due to its average 25-percent annual cost increases, the national veterinary insurance broker rolls out cheaper medical coverage, a dental plan and high-deductible options that translate to federal tax relief.

DVM faces AVMA probe into chipper euthanasia

Jan 1, 2004

Schaumburg, Ill.-The American Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) Judicial Council is investigating whether a member of the group's Animal Welfare Committee lied when he denied authorizing the euthanasia of more than 30,000 live hens via a commercial wood chipper.

Proposed mandatory CE receives mixed reviews

Jan 1, 2004

As Wisconsin's governor inks a new law mandating veterinarians in the state receive 30 hours of continuing education biannually, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island legislatures mull much the same issue.

Iowa regulators back off pet food industry; FDAsteps in

Jan 1, 2004

Des Moines-Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials eased an Iowa crackdown on pet foods containing glucosamine and chondroitin last month with its resolution to review animal supplements, stripping the issue from the state's jurisdiction.

Online pharmacy boasts $55.4 million in sales

Jan 1, 2004

PetMed Express' financial statements reveal the online/mail-order pet pharmacy's revenues rose 91 percent to top out at $55.4 million from April to September last year, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) reports.

Mixed message?

PetMed Express proffers spirit of teamwork while threatening legal action against 'defamers'
Jan 1, 2004

Springfield, Ill.-At the same time PetMed Express embarks on a nationwide public relations campaign to garner the profession's support, the company threatens legal action against practitioners accused of badmouthing the online/mail-order pet pharmacy.

Infighting mars budding license plate initiative

Mudslinging between animal rights, government groups risks millions of dollars aimed for spay/neuter programs
Dec 1, 2003

Tallahassee, Fla.-A legislative venture designed to fetch millions of dollars for Florida spays and neuters wavers in the wake of a power struggle pitting a consortium of humane, government and veterinary groups against an animal rights outfit that founded the project.


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