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Articles by Jennifer Fiala

NVMA fires management firm; funds reported missing

Oct 1, 2003

Hastings, Neb.-The Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) fired Gary Management Organization (GMO) after determining more than $125,000 was missing from the group and its scholarship foundation.

Activist agendas sway veterinary profession

Oct 1, 2003

As a swelling animal activist movement heads mainstream, evidence of its influence is creeping into the veterinary profession.

Practitioners fall victim to activist agendas

Oct 1, 2003

East Brunswick, N.J.-Dr. Howard Baker is armed for one last showdown with the animal rights group he blames for marring his practice, career and reputation.

Animal activism runs rampant through states

Activists pick off vulnerable regions as movement erupts; embattled veterinary leadership labors to keep pace
Oct 1, 2003

Sacramento, Calif.- Dr. Dick Schumacher's schedule seems rather demanding these days. As the California Veterinary Medical Association's (CVMA) executive director struggles to stifle declaw bans and activist-laden welfare bills, rumors now surface that at least six petitions are circulating to outlaw sow housing and veal compartment crates. Less than a million signatures guarantee these issues a spot on the ballot next March.

Three ways practitioners respond to competition

Sep 1, 2003

Springboro, Ohio-There are plenty of positive and negative routes to coping with market saturation, and most practitioners respond to increased competition in one of three basic ways, says Karyn Gavzer, a consultant with KG Marketing and Training, Inc.

Camaraderie fades as competition swells

Sep 1, 2003

Poland, Ohio-It's been eight years since Dr. John Daugherty's face-off with other practitioners in his town. He's been badmouthed, backstabbed and even called a quack.

Alternate vendors vie for veterinary product sales

Sep 1, 2003

As prices for pet drugs and products rise so do the number of retailers selling goods once exclusively found in the veterinarian's office.

Researcher creates tool to gauge vaccine needs

Sep 1, 2003

Denver-To help practitioners make sense of the profession's three sets of vaccine guidelines, a Purdue University researcher offers a means to tailor the sometimes confusing array of protocols for use in everyday practice.

Salaries, benefits weigh on practice revenues

Aug 1, 2003

Experts estimate labor costs and benefits rank as top income eaters among the nation's veterinary practices.


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