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Articles by Jennifer Fiala

Complaints swamp N.J. animal health leaders

Aug 1, 2003

Trenton, N.J.-As New Jersey lawmakers edge closer to passing new health regulations for livestock, activists attempt to derail the adoption of what they call "cruel" standards.

Secret shopper spots practice liabilities

Owners hire legal gun to spy on associates; practices 'remain vulnerable'
Aug 1, 2003

Santa Ana, Calif.-Robert Newman knows his Chihuahua suffers a slight heart murmur. Yet instead of informing his new veterinarian of the previously diagnosed condition, he waits to see test results, occasionally entertaining treatment recommendations he knows the dog doesn't need.

Four ways to stave off lawsuits

Aug 1, 2003

Legal liabilities lie in virtually every veterinary hospital, but there are plenty of ways to reduce practice vulnerability.

Practitioners lash out against PetMed Express

Aug 1, 2003

Schaumburg, Ill.-The nation's largest Internet/mail-order pet pharmacy claims to have cleaned up its act, but veterinarians allege that despite fines and warnings, PetMed Express's new sales tactics are infuriating and damaging, if not illegal.

Delegates face off on animal welfare issues

PETA badmouths AVMA; $25 dues increase passes to offset lost revenues
Aug 1, 2003

Denver- Two animal welfare issues targeted by some of the nation's most dogged activists sent American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) delegates into a tailspin last month, triggering fierce internal debate and safety concerns due to protesters.

Press overstates Florida pet status decision

Aug 1, 2003

Broward County, Fla.-What national news agencies report as a "potential landmark case" concerning a Florida appellate ruling to allow emotional distress claims related to a pet's death is an exaggeration, legal experts say.

New Jersey crafts new legal status for pets

Aug 1, 2003

Trenton, N.J.-New Jersey veterinary leaders suggest a new classification for owner retort in malpractice and wrongful death claims could stymie the growing animal welfare movement pushing court systems and legislators to view pets as more than property.

Shelter euthanasia rates drop to historic lows

Jul 1, 2003

An estimated 5 million cats and dogs are euthanized in U. S. shelters each year, and while reliable statistics are scarce, experts predict they sharply contrast death tolls recorded as late as 1995.

Feral cat crackdown evokes emotional public debate

Jul 1, 2003

Kissimmee, Fla.-A recent ban on Florida's trap-neuter-release programs in favor of more progressive feral cat controls pits public health veterinarians against educators, practitioners and motivated animal lovers in the state.


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