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Articles by Robert M. Miller, DVM

Mind Over Miller: Poetic advice on grieving

Feb 1, 2012

Dr. Miller's offering for owners who have lost a pet.

Mind Over Miller: Practical jokes, Tucson style

Jan 1, 2012

Dr. Robert M. Miller reminisces about trading practical jokes with a past schoolmate.

Mind Over Miller: Happy Anniversary!

Dec 1, 2011

Dr. Robert M. Miller celebrates the 250th anniversary of the first modern veterinary school.

Advising clients on treating or euthanizing pets with behavior problems

We asked our Practitioner Advisory Board members how they respond to behavior cases in which clients aren't sure whether to treat or euthanize. Here's what works for them.
Nov 1, 2011

Our Practitioner Advisory Board weighs in on this critical topic.

Mind Over Miller: Thankful humor

Nov 1, 2011

Dr. Miller thinks Thanksgiving is the time to appreciate the gift of a sense of humor.

Mind Over Miller: An accurate and unfortunate prediction

Oct 1, 2011

Dr. Robert M. Miller remembers warning of antibiotic resistance in his early years of practice.

A few tumbles in zoo-animal practice

Sep 1, 2011

Dr. Robert M. Miller recounts a time when he had to help a full-sized African elephant.

Mind Over Miller: Are we too specialized? Part 2: Veterinary medicine

Aug 1, 2011

Dr. Miller examines how the trend toward specialization is affecting veterinary practice.

Are we too specialized? Part 1: Human medicine

Jul 1, 2011

Dr. Robert M. Miller raises his concerns about the shortage of general practitioners.


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