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AVMA calls for PAC donations

Feb 1, 2008

2.7 percent of association members contributed $256,948, officials report

AVMA buys island

Nation's largest veterinary membership group invests in virtual real estate
Feb 1, 2008

Schaumburg, ill. — The American Veterinary Medical Association wants to have a real presence in a pretend world.

5 bad scams

Victims' stories shed light on tactics con artists use to defraud the public, veterinarians
Feb 1, 2008

Los Gatos, Calif. — Plain-clothes police entered Dr. Ian Stone's practice the morning of his office's Christmas party, quietly identified a receptionist and arrested her in front of the entire staff.To the small-animal veterinarian's surprise, the receptionist was accused of stealing clients' credit-card information, which she allegedly forwarded to a boyfriend who was racking up bills totaling an estimated $400,000.

Delegates push to create proactive policy

Feb 1, 2008

House members explore their significance in AVMA's governance structure

AVMA coverage: Executive board opens access to information

New policies provide insight into AVMA data sets; environmental issues, zoonotic disease addressed
Jan 1, 2008

Schaumburg, Ill. — American Veterinary Medical Association leaders approved a Policy on Transparency during the Executive Board's fall meeting as well as a strategy for released AVMA-owned data.

Experts release behavior modification guidelines

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior reinforces standard of care concerning the use of punishment
Jan 1, 2008

San Francisco — The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) urges specialists and general practitioners to drop punishment as a first-line treatment to modify a pet's behavior.

HSUS readies launch of new veterinary association

Group merges with AVAR to form alternative to AVMA
Jan 1, 2008

GAITHERSBURG, MD. — Consumers are driving a new animal-welfare agenda, says Humane Society of the United States front man Wayne Pacelle. And he wants veterinarians to join his cause by spearheading a new veterinary association.

APHIS Swine report details DVM visits

Veterinarians most often called to treat individual cases, survey results show
Jan 1, 2008

Fort Collins, Colo. — More than 69 percent of U.S. swine producers use a veterinarian, with five out of 10 large operations employing a DVM on staff. Overall, approximately half the sites polled turn to a local practitioner for care.

Ownership up, veterinary visits down

U.S. veterinary expenditures climb to an estimated $24.5 billion, yet companion animals visit veterinarians less, AVMA statistics show
Jan 1, 2008

SCHAUMBURG, ILL. — Dog- and cat-owning households visited veterinarians less in 2006 than in 2001, while the number of U.S. households with pets grew to 68.7 million, a 12.4 percent increase.


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