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Articles by Phil Seibert, CVT

Why clinic mascots could be a bad idea

Apr 1, 2008

The clinic cat may be sweet, but she's also a safety hazard.

Handling accidental spills of cytotoxic drugs

Mar 7, 2008

A step-by-step guide to cleaning up chemotherapy agents.

Don't be exposed

OSHA's rules keep you and your team safe around dangerous drugs.
Mar 1, 2008

Good equipment and procedures are necessary, but they don't eliminate the need for proper workspace design and facility preparation.

A history of violence

Protect yourself when firing a team member who hurts or threatens others.
Jan 1, 2008

Be careful firing bad apples who may fight back.

It's about duties, not dollars

Nov 1, 2007

Can I pay a practice manager salary and not pay her overtime, even though she handles technician and receptionist duties?

Robbery prevention tactic No. 12: trained attack cat

Actually, there are better ways to keep thieves away.
Oct 1, 2007

Take these steps to protect your practice and your team from thieves.

Accident follow-up questionnaire

Sep 7, 2007

Focus your on-site accident investigations with these printable PDF form.

Dot every poked eye, cross every bumped knee

Sep 1, 2007

When a team member has an accident, avoid liability claims by starting the paperwork early.

Employee safety training checklist: Reception and inprocessing

Jul 2, 2007

Customize and print this handy checklist of what a new receptionist needs to learn and when.


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