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Articles by Rachael Whitcomb

Health-care reform: what it means to practice owners, associates

Will you better or worse off after health-care reform?
Oct 1, 2009

Several new health-care reform bills are circulating and require individuals to carry insurance and businesses to offer it. A look at three of the leading ones and how they would impact veterinary practice owners and associates.

Santa Monica eyes declaw ban ahead of new state rule

Sep 23, 2009

Santa Monica has joined San Francisco in trying to limit declawing before a new state law takes effect Jan. 1.

Wisconsin DVM to run for AVMA president

Sep 1, 2009

A Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association past president, Dr. Rene Carlson, is now in the running for the 2010 American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) president-elect.

The changing role of technicians

How will increased freedoms affect daily life in the veterinary clinic?
Sep 1, 2009

As legislators grapple with complaints of veterinarian shortages, they are looking to technicians to help fill the gap. But what does this mean for the role of technicians in the veterinary profession?

New veterinary school to open in Antigua with Virginia Tech partnership

Aug 20, 2009

Antigua, West Indies -- American University of Antigua, a 5-year-old human medical college, announced this week that it will open a new veterinary college in January with an exclusive partnership with the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine for clinical training.

Aiding a forgotten segment of society

Assistance available for DVMs who donate their time, skills
Jul 10, 2009

Carson City, Nev. -- Feeding Pets of the Homeless is working to make things a little easier for veterinarians who want to help pets living with homeless people.

The dog park days of summer

Talk to your clients about the risks and precautions needed for dog park fun
Jul 10, 2009

As the weather gets nicer, more dogs and their owners will head to dog parks for a dose of fresh air. But what are the risks?

Helping hands: Florida vet aids homeless

Florida veterinarian visits homeless camps to care for pets
Jul 10, 2009

With an SUV stuffed with medicine and food, Dr. Anne Scholl-Mealey pulls off an Orlando highway and stops at a clearing. She walks carefully through the sticky swamp and clouds of mosquitoes until she finds what she's looking for -- indigent animal owners.

Clinicians that care

Jul 10, 2009

DR. ANNE SCHOLL-MEALEY isn?t the only DVM offering up her craft for the benefit of the pets of the homeless. Through grants or on their own, there are many other veterinarians who help indigent pet owners.


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